Toddler Practice Guides for Parents

Literacy Learning Experiences - These practices show you how everyday home and community activities encourage toddlers to listen, talk, and learn the building blocks for early literacy.

Symbols and Letters - These practices will help your toddler learn that letters have their own names and sounds.

Storytelling and Listening - These practices show you how books can help your toddler to listen, talk, and be a part of storytelling and book reading.

Practice Guides with Adaptations - These guides make it easier for young children with disabilities to participate in early literacy learning activities.

practice guide with adaptations
Scribbling and Drawing:
Storytelling and Listening:
  Book Reading Made Fun for All
Rhymes and Sound Awareness:
  Look Who's Talking
Symbols and Letters:
  That Sign Means 'Ice Cream'
Talking and Listening:
  Speaking Without Words

Scribbling and Drawing - These practices show you how simple activities can encourage your toddler to scribble and draw.

Rhymes and Sound Awareness - These practices encourage your toddler to play with words and to notice different sounds.

Talking and Listening - These practices help your toddler talk and listen to others.

Gestures and Signing - This practice includes ideas about how to help your toddler tell you what he or she wants or needs.