Infant Practice Guides for Practitioners

Literacy Learning Experiences - These practice guides illustrate ways that practitioners can arrange environments in order to encourage infants to listen, communicate, and begin to develop the skills that are the building blocks for early literacy.

Alphabet Exposure - This practice guide illustrates different ways to introduce the letters of the alphabet to infants.

Pre-Emergent Writing - These practice guides include simple activities that can be used to encourage infants beginning scribbling and drawing.

Vocalizing and Listening - These practice guides include activities that practitioners can use to encourage infants to make sounds, develop listening skills, and eventually use words to communicate.

Print Awareness and Reading - These practice guides illustrate how to introduce books to infants to encourage them to listen, communicate, and eventually participate in storytelling and book reading.

Sound Awareness - These practice guides illustrate ways that practitioners can promote infants abilities to listen and notice different sounds.

Nonverbal Communication and Signing - These practice guides highlight ways that practitioners can help infants communicate their wants and needs to others using gestures and signs.