Infant Practice Guides for Parents

Literacy Learning Experiences - These practices show you how everyday home and community activities encourage infants to listen, talk, and learn the building blocks for early literacy.

Vocalizing and Listening - These practice guides will encourage your little one to make sounds, listen to your every word, and begin to talk.

Practice Guides with Adaptations - These guides make it easier for young children with disabilities to participate in early literacy learning activities.

practice guide with adaptations
Gestures and Signs:
  Let Me Tell You What I Want
Marking and Scribbling:
  Mark My Word
Sound Awareness:
  Making Noise Is a Lot of Fun
Symbols and Signs:
  Picture This
Stories and Listening:
  Show Me the Funny

Stories and Listening - These practices show you how books can help your little one to listen, talk, and be a part of storytelling and book reading.

Rhymes and Sound Awareness - These practice guides encourage your infant to listen to silly rhymes and notice different sounds.

Scribbling and Drawing - These practices show you how simple activities can encourage your infant to learn to scribble and draw.

Gestures and Signing - These practices include ideas about how to help your infant tell you what he or she wants.